Alex Quesada

Multimodal Interfaces – Kinect


Game demo prototype where you control the player using multimodal interfaces, which means you can control the player with your own body by tracking parts of it such as the head, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, etc. using the Kinect camera technology.

I created a series of algorithms to recognize several gestures and implemented gameplay functions in the game depending on the gestures:

- You can handle the bow and sword by tracking the position of your hand.
- Gesture to reload an arrow.
- Gesture to shoot an arrow.
- Gesture to change weapon between bow and sword.
- Gesture to use a shield.
- Voice command to spam enemies and barrels.
- Gesture + voice command to activate a special attack.

Notice that the goal of this project is the control of a game by gestures and voice commands using the Kinect technology.