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Hey! I am Alex and I am passionate about video games and computing since a very young age. I am from Spain where I got a Computer Science background and then lived in the UK for 5 years where I got awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science with Second Class Honours(1st Division) in Computer Games Programming at Teesside University.

I am a keen technologist with a passion for the future of creative games development, seeking new and interesting ways to use programming to create amazing games.

I love what I do so apart of my job I’m always on the lookout for new exciting technologies meanwhile trying to learn and improve my skills by doing my own projects and publishing a few games on Google Play.

When I am not working on code, you’ll find me enjoying some of my hobbies like music, sports or of course gaming.

If you want to know more about me you can get in contact at any of the social media I have on this web.

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  • Residence Newcastle, United Kingdom
  • e-mail
  • UK Phone +44 0776 137 9539
  • Spanish Phone +34 679 151 940
  • Relocation Available


BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming

2016 - 2019 Teesside University

Focused to become a talented software engineer, technically skilled and an excellent problem solver with games industry-specific knowledge and experience.

- Gameplay, User Interfaces, Multimodal Interfaces, AI, Networked, Graphics, Animations, Physics and Simulation Programming.

- Agile software engineering practices.

HND Computer Software Development

2011 - 2013 I.E.S. Francisco Ayala

Builds on the knowledge and skills of the HNC in Computing covering a wide variety of related skills including design, develop and maintain web and mobile applications, carrying out technical support, and demonstrating the recognised skills required to work in team groups.


Game Programmer

May 2019 - Present Starloop Studios

I'm currently working at Starloop Studios as a game programmer taking my skills to the next level thanks to the talented colleagues I am working with. The main technologies are C# and Unity game engine following SCRUM methodology.

Web Developer

Aug 2014 –May2016 Freelance

I worked full-stack with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL databases to develop websites for clients.

Software Developer

Apr 2013 –Sep 2013 APAT Granada (internship)

Internship to finish my HND in Computer Software Development. Focused mainly on developing and maintaining an application to operate with the employers' database to manage their work schedules where they can handle subjects such as requesting a vacation period or justifying an absence due to illness, all supervised by the internship leader and the course leader. Mainly languages I worked with were C#, PHP and MySQL.

Software Skills

Unity Engine

Unreal Engine

Visual Studio

Adobe Photoshop

GitHub & SourceTree

Coding Skills






Pixel Santa
Pixel Santa
Super Rainbow Girl
Super Rainbow Girl
Games, Piece of work
Multimodal Interfaces – Kinect
Multimodal Interfaces – Kinect
Piece of work
Unity Runtime 2D Level Editor Tool
Unity Runtime 2D Level Editor Tool
C++ Game Engine Construction
C++ Game Engine Construction
Piece of work, Tools
Free Fall Olive
Free Fall Olive
Firefighters Guinxu
Firefighters Guinxu
Treasure Island
Treasure Island
Snake 1vs1 in C++
Snake 1vs1 in C++

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Newcastle, UK
+34 679 151 940
+44 0776 137 9539
Relocation Available

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